About Us

The Quest Advisory Group has extensive experience gathered over 20 years.

Quest Advisory Group is a privately owned financial planning firm based in Perth, founded on the premise of building long-term relationships to create lasting wealth for our clients.

Importantly, we are not owned by banks or financial institutions, meaning we can consider all options and deliver appropriate advice to our clients, designed specifically for their needs. Combined with our deep insight and many years of experience, we offer a superior service and truly valuable advice.

Our clients appreciate top-quality financial planning advice that is both comprehensive and cost effective and we work closely to help educate them while we achieve their goals. We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients to see them right through to retirement.


Our Commitment to You

Our approach is holistic and we look at your situation as a whole, as opposed to simply focusing on numbers and account balances.

  • We will work alongside you to ensure your retirement is exactly what you want it to be: whether it’s travelling the world, providing for your offspring or simply enjoying a good quality of life in Australia.
  • We tailor the advice to suit your goals and objectives in the short , medium and long term, thus taking the stress out of financial planning process.
  • Quest always works within your budget so you are not financially stretched. Even if you start by only investing a small amount each month, every little bit counts and the more you see your money grow, the more relaxed you will be about the long term future.
  • Quest understands your need for a financially safe and secure future. We have access to an extensive range of insurance options that will safeguard both you and your family if you become ill or injured.


Quest Advisory Group are nothing short of superb at what they do. Our personal experience with Dan has been exceptional. Dan and his team are friendly, personable, knowledgeable, prompt, thorough and provide excellent ongoing service. I am not a finance professional, sorry I am more than happy to leave my financial planning in the hands of experts. I simply can’t recommend Quest Advisory Group highly enough..”

– Kellie Bauer-Simpson


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