FARMING IS A DANGEROUS BUSINESS – & many farmers are gambling with more than just their health

Mar 2, 2018 | Blog

Did you know that although Australian farming makes up approximately 4% of the work force, it accounts for around 20% of all work-related injuries?


Farming is a dangerous business – and many farmers are gambling with more than just their health

Farms are Australia’s most dangerous workplaces, accounting for around 20% of all work-related deaths. And the fallout from farm injuries is broad. Apart from the individual’s pain and suffering, there is a big economic cost to the farm through delays in completing work, payment for medical treatment (often involving extensive travel), and wages for replacement workers.

With the farming community most at risk, many residents of the Wheatbelt would face severe financial hardship if they suffered an illness or accident that prevented them from working either temporarily or permanently. For some, this could even mean losing a farm that has been in the family for generations.

In the worst cases, people have inadequate or no insurance cover to enable their loved ones to maintain financial security without having to sell the family’s assets such as a farm or business.

Of course, there are practical things farmers can do to reduce the risk of injury or death, such as proper staff training, appropriate machinery maintenance, and careful storage of hazardous chemicals.

But there are also ways they can mitigate the potentially disastrous financial impact should they, a valuable co-worker or family member suffer an illness, serious injury, or worse.


It greatly depends on the person’s stage of life, aspirations, family circumstances and working arrangements.

Personal Insurance includes: 
  • Life Cover, which provides a lump sum to your dependants if you can’t be there to provide for them. 
  • Total and Permanent Disability insurance (TPD), which provides a lump sum if the insured person becomes permanently disabled. 
  • Trauma Cover, which pays a lump sum on diagnosis of serious medical conditions such as cancer or heart attack, providing funds just when you most need them. 
  • Income Protection cover, which provides a monthly income payment when you can’t work due to illness or injury.


What Do I Do Now?

We suggest that you do the following:

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